Take the Guesswork Out of Trading Stocks. Learn How We Track the Smart-Money and Generate an Average 42.5%/Year Returns, Focused on Liquid S&P500 Stocks.

Recent Closed Trades (2019)

Consistently Profitable Month-by-Month Trading Performance.

How Our 28-Point Algo Automatically Captures High Probability Trades…

Every day, our computers screen and rank every S&P500 company (excluding the financial sector), based on a precise 28-rule stock-selection algorithm…

The algo is designed to capture fundamentally strong companies (strong growth, robust profit margins, low debt-to-capital ratios), exhibiting multiple strongly bullish technical trading signals (oversold technical readings, strong institutional volume, bullish triple-bar buy patterns, and relative capital in-flow).

Each of the five-hundred S&P stocks, is automatically allocated a “SmartRank” score between 0-100. The higher the score the more bullish a stock.

28 Point Stock Selection Algorithm

Our trading rules are simple: We only trade stocks with a minimum SmartRank score above 90%. We allocate a maximum 25% of capital per stock (maximum 4 stocks).

As long a stock maintains a score above 90%, we ‘hold’. As soon as a stock drops below the 90% mark, we close the position, and exit the trade. Clear, timely entry and exit instructions are emailed to our subscribers.

Deep-Research, Valuations and Entry Timing. Fully-Automated…

Combining over 25 years of trading experience with finely tuned, deep-screen data-analytics, we have developed an objective, systematic approach to selecting stocks.

We don’t just trade stocks based on technical-analysis (or ‘timing’) signals alone. Neither do we trade stocks purely on strong company fundamentals.

Our screener is designed to integrate both fundamentals and technicals – to capture quality companies, exhibiting deep-value fundamentals, combined with multiple ‘strong-buy’ technical indicators.

Every qualifying company exhibits positive (and sustainable) sales growth, industry-leading cash-flow yields, stable gross and operating margins, strong returns on capital (ROIC), and low debt/capital ratios.

In addition, our SmartRank algo computes how technically bullish a stock is at any one time…

Multiple technical timing indicators are applied on a continual basis, to identify the pre-screened stocks most likely to rally in the next few days.

These are stocks which are least likely to drop further (also recognized as ‘maximum exhaustion’ and lowest risk/oversold entry points), while offering the most upward potential to rally based on specific ‘buy-side’ signals our algo automatically tracks and alerts.

Put simply, when strong fundamentals combine with multiple technical buy signals, our SmartRank algorithm automatically places a superior score for that stock.

The higher the SmartRank score, the higher the probability of a short-term rally in a particular stock. Companies scoring above 90% are our strongest-buys, emailed to our subscribers every Sunday…

We Keep it Simple, So You Know Precisely Which Stocks to Buy, Sell and Hold…

We keep our trading focused, and easy to emulate

Stocks with a SmartRank score above 90% are our ‘buys’. We enter on a Monday, at the market open.

We allocate 25% capital to any one stock. A maximum of 4 stocks are held at any one time.

As long as a stock retains a score above 90%, it is ‘held’. If a stock drops below 90%, we exit the position.

Weekly Stock Alerts

No Nonsense. Just Simple, Intelligent Stock Picks…

You can either spend hours trying to find the right stocks to trade, with a mix of checking news articles, chart reading, pattern-hunting, and trying to make a ‘best-guess’ at whether that stock will rise.

Or, you can let us apply our 25+ years of trading experience, and multiple financial and technical analytics to do the heavy lifting.

As a subscriber, you do not need to worry about every mathematical ratio or algorithm…

We do the deep analysis, and employ highly accurate, institutional quality data-systems (S&P-CapitalIQ, ICE Market Data, Compustat), in addition to multiple confirmatory computations (including human checks), to deliver profitable, deep-research trading opportunities.

Join dozens of self-directed traders who are witnessing consistent capital-growth by emulating our weekly trades. To get started, click on the link below. Our subscription rate is $79/month.

Upon recept of your subscription, you will immediately receive our full list of current SmartRank stocks (every S&P500 stock scoring above 90%). You will also receive our latest updates every Sunday 6pm.

If you have any questions/requests, please get in touch with us, at any time.

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