Discover the Proven Stock Screener That Has Generated An Average 35.4%/Year Return Since 2010, Focused on Liquid, Easy-to-Trade S&P500 Stocks.

Stock Selection Strategy

305 Trade Alerts Published Since January 2010. 7/10 Profitable Trades. Zero Margin. 35.4%/Year Average Return.

The strategy picks just 4 stocks, refreshed weekly with clear buy/sell/hold instructions. Below you can view our trade-by-trade performance since inception. Every trade is shown, both winning and losing trades.

Trade By Trade Performance Data

The Method: From 500 S&P Stocks to Just 4 Picks/Week.

Step One: Every morning before the market-open, our computers deep-screen every company within the S&P500 (excluding the financial sector) against a precise ten-rule stock-selection algorithm.

The algo is designed to capture fundamentally superior companies generating the strongest free-cash-flow yields

In addition, each qualifying company is filtered for positive sales, gross-margin stability, operating margin growth, and a low debt-to-capital ratioThe ten-point screener produces our ‘initial watchlist’ of qualifying stocks.

Step Two: We now focus squarely on the qualifying stocks from that first step. We already know these stocks are fundamentally strong. We now wait for a precise entry opportunity, based on stock-specific demand/supply activity…

Each qualifying stock is continually monitored in real-time for buy-side order-flow activity. Tracking the order-flow is a critical component in identifying where major insider/institutional players (the ‘smart money’) are placing their capital.

We employ highly sophisticated real-time demand/supply analytics which measure trading activity from large-volume buy-side investors…

10 Point Stock Selection Algorithm

This second step, which is absolutely critical to our approach, ensures we are not entering stocks too early. We only trade a stock when it is backed by strong buy-side volume (a noting and confirmation of the ‘undervalue’ of a particular stock).

Keep in mind, the entire method we use is fully automated

Subscribers to our stock alerts do not need to be familiar with the mathematical complexities of these intricate real-time tracking methods.

Our in-house systems do the hard work with a clearly defined objective – to identify when the shortlist of stocks begin to attract strong buy-side volume.

It is this unique synergy of (1) firstly isolating the strongest companies (by application of the ten-rule algorithm), then (2) tracking the volume/order-flow within these qualified stocks, that deliver consistently profitable trades, with a 7/10 winning record.

The above graphic illustrates the logic/process we use to capture the top-4 ranking stocks. These are the stocks we hold in our portfolio. The process is refreshed weekly, with clear buy/sell/hold instructions.

Strong Fundamentals Plus Technical Timing…

Our stock-selection process is straightforward. It’s strong fundamentals based on our exacting ten-point checklist, combined with strong-volume buy-side activity.

Both these factors have to come together for a stock to qualify as a ‘strong buy’.

In other words, we don’t just buy a stock based on strong fundamentals alone. Neither do we enter a position simply because there is a spike in order-flow.

Both factors need to align.

Every week, we rank (sort-order) all qualifying stocks that pass the ten-point screener, in order of strongest buy-side order-flow.

We then buy and hold the top-4 ranked companies, and check each week to ensure the stocks we hold maintain their position in the top-4.

As long as a stock remains in the top-4, it is ‘held’. If a stock drops below the top-4 it is ‘sold’. Any new stock which enters the top-4 is a new ‘buy’.

The strategy only trades liquid, easy to enter/exit stocks, within the S&P500 index. These are all companies with a market-cap exceeding $2 Billion…

More importantly, S&P stocks trade high average daily volumes, ensuring ease of trading (multiple buyers/sellers), with tight bid/ask spreads.

Intelligent Stock-Picks for the Self-Directed Investor…

Based on a rational, common-sense approach to trading stocks, our unique method has proven to deliver consistent week-by-week profitability over many years.

Join us, and start capitalizing on our unique approach to stock selection, our trading experience/focus on S&P stocks, and applied technology.

As a subscriber, you do not need to worry about every mathematical ratio or complex algorithm. Start receiving our weekly alerts and witness our trades perform.

Our deep analysis is supported by highly accurate, institutional quality data-systems, to deliver dependable, consistently profitable trades.

Moreover, our focus is 100% on liquid, easy-to-trade S&P500 stocks. Professional traders and investors know the value of liquidity and how important it is to enter and exit trades instantaneously with lowest bid-ask spreads.

To get started, click on the link below. Our subscription is priced at $195/quarter, providing a full 13 weeks access to the weekly updates. Trade alerts are sent every Monday morning around 7am, always before the market open.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, at any time.

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